Monsieur Monsteur Illustration

Fran, aka Frannosaurus Rex

I am a recent Illustration graduate. I have a pencil lead embedded in my little finger. I have a "tattoo" on my palm where I accidentally stabbed myself with an inky pen. I hope these will one day give me Magical Illustration Superpowers in much the same way as the spider created Spiderman. I will one day acquire a REAL tattoo.

I like: octopi, pirates, dinosaurs, folklore, fairy tales, legends, comics, illustrations, jewellery, Mario Kart, knitting, peacock feathers, crazy hair colours, doodling, Chinese food, pizza, thunderstorms, zombies, piercings, tattoos, sour Skittles, red shoes, big boots, skulls, forests, the sea, singing (badly), plushies, pygmy hedgehogs, dogs and so much more.

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